Access to Information

TII is committed to the requirements of the Disability Act 2005.
The contact details for accessible information are given below:

Gary Lynch   
Inquiry Officer
Corporate Affairs Department
Telephone:  01-6658756

Olga Houlihan   
Access Officer
Human Resources
Telephone:  01-6658822

Website Accessibility Overview

The TII website has been constructed to ensure that it is accessible to all. For this reason we have designed it to meet the W3C WAI-AA guidelines. If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve the accessibility of our website please contact us directly.


Many links have title attributes. All of them open in the browser and do not start new pages. All images have ALT descriptions, unless they are decorative in which case they have null values.

Visual Design

CSS is used throughout, with proportional fonts to allow font resizing in most browsers. Non-CSS browser will still see all the content and also get a message that not all the formatting is being displayed. Tables are used rarely and only to display tabular data.